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These nails acrylic are done with a glitter from called shamrock. I faded it with a gold and added some irish beer stickers! Too fun!

On these nails acrylic I grabbed all of my green glitters mixed them together and came up with this cute color. This client loves green so it was perfect for her.

I made these gold stars using an impression tool from young nails acrylic.

I always think any color looks best with a little black added. Love the green and black with a fimo clay shamrock for good luck!

This is an acrylic from the young nails acrylic block party collection.

These are fimo clay ying yang's from

This is nebula with pink and white fimo clay dots. I can't remember if I've already posted a similar picture of this on my blog. I guess you just can't have too much of a good thing.

This is a fade I did from side to side to mix it up a little bit. The hibiscus flowers are fimo clay.

On these nails acrylic I did a fade with pink and purple. I did each nail a little bit different.

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