Merry Christmas Acrylic Nails

Merry Christmas Acrylic Nails

Saturday, December 19, 2009 | Tags:
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On these nails acrylic I custom mixed a red acrylic with chunks of sparkly glitter. I also added silver "tinsel" at the tips. The ring fingers have a fimo clay Santa. I used my migi nail art pen to write Ho, Ho, Ho across the other fingers. Merry Christmas!

On these nails acrylic I painted a string of Christmas lights with my migi nail art pens.

These nails acrylic have a fimo clay Christmas Tree on the ring fingers from My client loves stars so we added white and silver stars on all the other fingers.

These nails acrylic have a red and green smile line fade. I also added candy canes. I know I've done a lot of candy canes but hey they are just so cute I can't help it!

On these nails acrylic I painted a thick and thin white stripe to coordinate with the fimo candy cane on the ring fingers.

On these nails acrylic I faded silver up from the smile line and painted white snowflakes.

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