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Wow what a crazy day of nails acrylic! These are all pictures of nails acrylic that I did today. First these nails acrylic were too much fun. I used a glitter that I found on an amazing website I mixed the chunky glitter pieces with acrylic and then I went for it! Too much fun.

I went to get the mail today and I had new nail art stuff! Finally the red fimo clay dots I have been waiting for from So now we have Christmas red and green dotted nails acrylic!

These fabulous nails acrylic were done with fimo clay peppermints from

Last but not least...this client gave me artistic freedom but knew she wanted something red, white, black and wild! These are the official nails acrylic she will be wearing to the Sawyer Brown concert! I hope the concert is as fun and crazy as the nails acrylic!

I love my clients! You are all awesome! I'll see ya soon!

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