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On these nails acrylic I took four different colors of purple acrylic and just randomly placed them across the nail. I painted white lines with a striping brush separating each color of purple. I added 3d flowers on the ring fingers.

On these nails acrylic my client picked out the 3 colors of stars she liked and then gave me permission to do what i wanted with them. I was inspired by the nails acrylic Krizia from young nails acrylic did. (there is a picture of them on a previous post) I really had a lot of fun with these.

These are some fun 3d acrylic flowers that I just had to play around with.

This is a really fun elegant look. This is a light pink from Young nails acrylic called Sakura storm. I added some irridescent circle glitters as an accent.

This is black acrylic in nebula with a glitter mix in purple passion faded into it. I had to paint some little accents to make them super wild and sexy!

This is a glitter from sparklesnailproducts.com in chunky funk. I also added a random design on some of the other fingers to coordinate with the chunky funk glitter mix.

Recently I learned how to add little glitters in with gel polish. This is opi gel polish in "opi ink". I added some little silver cirlcles and small black dots.

This is opi gel polish in "kyoto pearl" I added some purple stars and dots.

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