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I'm going through a phase again this time it is with young nails acrylic impression tools. If you think these nails acrylic are wild and crazy you should meet this client of mine! LOL

This is one of the newest glitters from I added the white star using an impression nail stick from Everything I have purchased from young nails acrylic has been amazing and has really made my job so much easier! Thank you Young nails acrylic!

All of the dots (except for the black polish dots) in this design are done with acrylic. I used golden halo from as the base color.

Super fun confetti nails acrylic. I mixed this confetti with clear acrylic. I just love when it's so easy to do something that turns out so cute.

This is opi gel nail polish in louvre me louvre me not. The white star is a sticker that changes colors in the sun!

I used 3 different colors of purple on these nails acrylic and added some moody confetti from young nails acrylic. I added some silver and black polish to really give them that extra edge! I loooove these!

A classic black and silver design.

I'm loving this bright yellow. It's from the neon glitter collection at

The color of these nails acrylic is blue and yellow but my camera just doesn't like to photograph the lighter colors as well. I'm sure it's probably the photographers fault.

The rule when I do nails acrylic is if you don't decide on a design or color then chances are you'll probably get purple! I embedded all sorts of different things in these nails acrylic and also used an impression tool from young nails acrylic to make a star on a few of the nails acrylic.

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