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I am excited to announce that I will be offering glitter toes for $20 during the month of March! It is time to get your toes ready for spring. This is a fabulous deal so make your appointment today!
So here they are my first St. Patricks Day nails acrylic. This is a glitter from and I added fimo clay rainbows from

This is a sparkles glitter in "spring to me". I added some little mylar dots and to finish I painted silver dots.

More snakeskin... I am loving the snakeskin because there are so many different color combinations you can do. I can't wait to do it with some spring colors.

This is my client with the split personality! Ha ha! LOL :)

These nails acrylic have stickers that I layed into the acrylic. I had to switch it up with the ring fingers and do one of my all time favorite colors nebula.

On these nails acrylic I did some impression nail art and also added some polish.

This is a 3d acrylic flower. The sparkles are from

On the ring fingers I added gold zebra confetti from young nails acrylic.

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