Summer fun Acrylic Nails

Summer fun Acrylic Nails

Thursday, July 2, 2009 | Tags:
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I went to a nail art class tonight and got some more inspiration for nail art. I hope to put what I learned to use and post some pictures that are different than what I've done before so check my blog in the next week or so....Oh yeah and don't forget to click on the Older Posts link at the bottom of this page to view several pages of my nail art. Thanks!
More fourth of July nails acrylic!

More fourth of July nails acrylic!

These are little light green mylar flowers with yellow polka dots added. They are so holographic and bright that I had a hard time getting my camara to focus on them.

These nails acrylic are done with opi soak off gel. It is a brand new product made by opi. It is a gel nail polish that is cured under a uv light. It lasts for 2-3 weeks with no chipping! It is an amazing product. You can purchase the matching nail polish if any touch ups are needed between appointments.

These are some super fun nails acrylic that I did but the picture didn't turn out that great. The ring fingers have real dried flowers in pink and yellow that I overlapped. The pink and yellow dots are from the cina pro dots and rings kit.

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